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  • Listening to: Sad songs that seem to be about my life
  • Reading: Books on Italian Architecture
  • Watching: My little Pony (stilllll.....)
  • Playing: Alice madness returns
  • Eating: Digorno pizza
  • Drinking: too much sugary drinks, my teeth still hurt
Got tagged by :iconhokova:

1. You have to post the rules
2. No tag backs.
3. You have to choose 10 people and post them in your journal.
4. Answer the questions that the tagged gave you and make up new questions for the people you tag.
5. Go to their page and tell them you tagged them.
6. Post 10 things about yourself.

Okay, ten things about myself....
:bulletred: I have a weakness for animation of all kinds.
:bulletred: I like sensitive guys, but men who make excuses for everything can turn me into a bitch. (Using phrases like "grow some balls" and "Wuss")
:bulletred: I copy romantic/couples poses for practice, I feel no shame in it.
:bulletred: I am not shy about my body, if given the chance, I would pose nude.
:bulletred: People who talk about sex in a disgusting or hateful manner, (AKA drunken assholes with their "I licked a chick's pussy last night") make me want to throw up. Vulgar/obnoxious/crude behavior, in general, disgusts me to the point where I refuse to associate with people who do it.
:bulletred: I have a never ending romantic rivalry with my hair.
:bulletred: My favorite flaws about me are that I'm: annoyingly opinionated, psychotic/crazy, vengeful, extremely talkative at times and extremely quiet at others. Plus I eat up compliments like a rabid jackal, and can be a little manipulative if I need to.
:bulletred: Before I wanted to be an artist, I DESPERATELY wanted to be an actress.
:bulletred: I LOVE FOOD SO MUCH
:bulletred: I sometimes feel sorry for people who have to deal with me.

Questions to answer:
1. Materialistic or idealistic philosophy?
:bulletred: It depends

2. Ever ran on the street screaming?
:bulletred: Yes, it was quite a stress release.

3. What's the color you wear most?
:bulletred: Red and black

4. Gothic or Renaissance?

5. Digital or traditional art?
:bulletred: once, again, it depends on the piece. I like copics and watercolors, but not much for pastels. I like certain digital art, but some people just use it to take other people's work and make slight changes.

6. Favorite genre of music?
:bulletred: I am a musical MUTT, I love Celtic and techno and rock and some country and classical and 80s and 90s and alternative and opera and this and that BUT NOT RAP OR R&B

7. Favorite national holiday?

8. A literaly/movie/theater character you can relate to?
:bulletred: Um, I don't know about movies, but when I was young I really related to Hermione from the Harry Potter books, I was a bit of a know-it-all too and was bullied for being different. And Alice from Alice: madness returns, I always associate more in video games. There's probably hundreds, but I can't remember at the moment.

9. Ever ate something you're not supposed to (at the time/age/day/place) and liked it very more than usual?
:bulletred: Not really. I remember my cousins tried to trick me into eating ants once but I was always cautious, and never let anyone talk me into eating or doing something dangerous.

10. Name a favorite quirk in people.
:bulletred: There's a friend of mine who quotes movies/songs/TV/video games constantly and the way she does it is SO FUNNY

Phew, Okay: Questions for my tagged people:

1. Is it morning, afternoon, dusk, or night as you type this?
2. Male or female, do you have anything unusually girly about you or what you enjoy?
3. You can secretly control what your favorite artist draws for 24 hours, what do you make them draw?
4. How long does it take for you to normally get ready in the mornings?
5. If you could change one thing about your natural appearance, what would it be? (be honest, and try to come up with something other than weight loss)
6. The world has ended, who do you seek out first to see if they've lived and to strive for survival with?
7. Who of everyone in your life, gives the best hugs? :cuddle:
8.  You get to have an entire wardrobe that looks like it came from a different time, what time would that be? (Victorian, renaissance, the 40s, B.C., etc.)
9.  You find out that you can change genders at will and no one knows its you, what do you do with your separate life as the opposing sex?
10. QUICK! Say your name backwards three times, did anything happen? 8D

I tag :iconscarlet-symphony: :iconmerlindadragon: :iconmonicamae: :iconfunkymonkey19: :iconspaceshipearth: :iconjancola: :iconmisskensi: :iconravneloort: :iconfor-he-who-is-grand: :iconjay357:
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